by Family Values

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Beta-Male Hardcore

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released 27 July 2013
Vocals: Tegan
Bass: Spencer
Guitar: Nic
Drums: Dru

Recording/Mixing/Production: Sam Stephens



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Family Values Newcastle, Australia

Punk Rock from Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: BMHC
Quit running your mouth around,
Hardcore is serious business in this town.
Talk shit, get hit.
I'll see you on the fucking street, I'll see you in the pit.

This town is so far gone,
There's nothing here at all.
I'll jump into the sea,
I shall be released.
Track Name: BOATS!
What the fuck we gotta do?
We gotta stop the boats!
They're in my fucking cereal,
We gotta stop the boats!
Use 'em as target practice,
Build a fucking moat.
What the fuck we gotta do?
We gotta stop the boats!
Track Name: Captain Testosterone
You've got a broken heart and a taste for fame,
Getting back at the whore that left you so ashamed.
Playing heavies helps soothe the pain,
You stupid fucking slut I don't need you anyway.

I might be impotent but you're a slut.
You're fucking worthless I hate your guts.

I got a mic and LTD and the tracks are online for all to see
The boys think it's brutal, my girlfriend disagrees
But I can just change the words when she fucks around with me

I might be impotent but you're a slut.
You're fucking worthless I hate your guts.

Hip. To. Hate.
Track Name: It Takes Two (Reactionary Vomit)
Jesus and Mohammad, sitting in a tree.
K. I. S. S. I. N. G
First comes love, they couldn't be wed
Their love was forbidden so the bible said.

Jesus and Mohammad, going on a pree
K. I. L. L. I. N G.
First they shot the Imam, then they shot the pope,
A thousand fucking clergymen hanging from a rope.
Track Name: Seniorcide
Grey redundant parasite,
Hurry up you fuckers die.
To useless to enslave,
Napalm clubs on pension day.

Euthanize the grey plague.

Grey redundant parasites,
Hurry up you fuckers die.
Track Name: Get Dead
What's going on inside your brain?
I doubt a single word is true
You believe what you say
Nobody buys the shit that you pull

You're deluded.

We all need something to believe in,
Might as well be yourself.
But you've got full fundamental
Damning subtlety to hell.

Get. Dead.

What's going on inside your mind?
When did you leave reality behind?
Like a tyrant without a gun,
All alone, you're the only one.
One man cult of personality
Big Brother is an only child.
Hold close delusions of security
But let the ego run wild.